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Ecotan: The competitive advantages of our finishing line

Compact, efficient and emission-aware technologies

Each production line is designed following the customer's needs. The analysis process is based on the current technologies available by inserting the innovative elements that best interpret your requests.

The many components of the line must be chosen and adjusted according to the product to be produced and work in unison.

Today, however, a further step is required of us, the finishing line must have flexibility and adaptability because market demands are fast-changing subject to variations of articles and divided into small production batches.

That is why we created the Ecotan finishing cabin, which combines the current need with any future requests.

Starting from the flexibility concept, the line is not designed as a single machine, but with macro modules linked together.

The electrical wiring and controls have been designed to allow future modifications of the line, there is no longer a single electrical panel, but each module of the line has its own electrical panel and its own control system, the tunnel modules following the same concept they are wired and controlled in two-stage modules. This type of configuration similar to a plug and play system allows the finishing line easy future reconfigurations of all components. The supervision, control and command software provides for the various combinations, automatically adapting to the various configurations

The Ecotan fume extraction and treatment system has been designed for maximum environmental efficiency and ergonomics, placing the person at the centre. The overspray fumes produced by the spray guns are sucked just below the conveyor directly from the bottom.

The immediate advantages of Ecotan technology are the 80% reduction in emissions and the reduced volume of air required (50% less than the standard) and consequently less air to be reintegrated from the environment, reducing energy and dust consumption.

The amount of air to be reintegrated from the environment can be reduced by up to 5%. The treated air can be recycled (almost totally) inside the cabin itself due to its characteristics. Reducing “air volume” and “emissions” obviously, also means a lower need for maintenance.

The Ecotan cabin is controlled by our innovative software that simplifies a system with thousands of variables that make it accessible to any operator. Thanks to the new iconographic interface that simplifies and facilitates control in a multicultural environment.

With the new software, all devices are incorporated into one control.

The creation and management of processing recipes through our software are easy to use. During processing, all processing data is automatically log-in without any operator intervention. The story is available for company supervision with data exchange through databases SQL compatible with 4.0 systems.

The software is provided with on-line help with documentation, operating manuals, and wiring diagrams that can easily consult from the operator panel.

Ecotan cabin represents an engineering milestone and was created to meet the needs of customers, looking for customized solutions. We aim for customer satisfaction through an in-depth and personalized study of each production line.

Thanks to ARS Tannery for the space granted and for the published article.


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