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R&D or small-batches laboratory drum

Erretre's Ambra drum is a technologically advanced machine for milling, drying, conditioning and finishing leather. In addition, the Chemical Milling ® technology enables the processing of fabrics and synthetics too.

bottale di follonaggio laboratorio conceria

Leather milling for small production batches

The Ambra laboratory drum is the answer to a new market requirement: a machine with reduced dimensions and footprint ideal for R&D departments and small leather batches. The specific designed operation and construction features of the Ambra guarantee total versatility, flexibility and most important reproducibility on an industrial scale.

Recently renewed in its structure and completely built in stainless steel, the Ambra milling drum features intuitive control software: the graphic interface and colour touchscreen panel manage and simplify even the most complex processes. 

The drum is equipped with a programmable internal washing and cleaning system to avoid potential contamination and downtime. 

The connection to the M.O.Re tannery automation software also allows the creation and management of recipes, the recording of the work history, as well as direct communication with all the connected drums.

macchina a follonare campionature pelli

Dimensions and specifications

The Ambra laboratory drum can both process small batches of leather and replicate industrial production, thanks to technologically advanced features.


Water pressure

4 bar

Compressed air

5 bar

Power supply

19 Kw - 400V / 50Hz

AMBRA contatti

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