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Our partners

Over the years our company has expanded by incorporating other enterprises and partners so as to create a mutual synergy and improve projects and know-how together. Here are the companies we work with.

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Fratelli Carlessi

Fratelli Carlessi

A historic brand of finishing booths

Fratelli Carlessi was founded as an engineering enterprise in 1925, then in 1953, it started to specialise in the construction of machines and plant systems for the tannery industry.

In the years that followed, it expanded its range of products focused on drying, conditioning and finishing phases.

The focus on innovation and experience of Fratelli Carlessi as a manufacturer has led the company to become a top-ranking enterprise in the industry, with thousands of plant systems installed in around 90 countries.


In 2009 Fratelli Carlessi joined forces with Erretre, a company with which it had been developing hide dressing technologies since the 1970s.


This gave new impetus to the company, resulting in the updating of the entire product range and the development of new revolutionary technologies. 

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Painting plant systems

A recently incorporated enterprise founded in 2015 when Erretre, world leader in the production of tannery machines, decided to invest in a new division acquiring the know-how of a wood processing plant manufacturer.


The collaboration with Erretre and Fratelli Carlessi, another group affiliate, was the source of an important 60-year-long experience in the design and manufacturing of tanning industry plant systems.


Mé has a group of highly specialised personnel, combining decades of experience in the painting industry with the knowledge gained in the wood industry.


After the first 3 years of design and research, in 2018 Mé began the production of automated plant systems for the painting of doors and windows.


Research & Development unit

The Erretre Research & Development division is the heart and soul of our projects. It is equipped with a large laboratory dedicated to research and innovation of products and processes. This is where all the innovative processes that will then be translated and applied to Erretre products are initially conceived. It researches, experiments and analyses the practical application of how the tanning maturation process can continue to evolve.


IST is the know-how of tanning processes, matured over the years thanks to sector-based studies and research and then put into use in Erretre products and machines. Our innovation starts here.

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