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Spray finishing booth for hides and skins

Compared to the previous models, the brand new Ecotan spray booth ensures exceptionally controlled and efficient leather spraying, with up to an 80% decrease in emissions and 30% decreased chemical products.

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Integrated overspray abatement system

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Reduction of dust and chemical emissions

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Two-step suction and overspray treatment

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Simple spray booth setup and maintenance

Easy automatic cleaning system

Rapid color changes and regulations

Compact and manageable sizes

Modular stainless steel structure

Ecotan: innovative and sustainable leather spraying

Designed to comply with the strictest regulation concerning emissions into the atmosphere, the Ecotan finishing booth provides high efficiency abatement of overspray improving the leather painting process, with a saving on chemical products of up to 30%.

​The innovation of the Ecotan spray booth for leather features an abatement systems integrated within the lower part of the cabin, an area that is not normally used ideal for the treatment of paint oversprays. The proximity to the spray guns ensures a more powerful suction within the booth, without the need for an external scrubber unit.

This leads to a number of advantages: a 50% reduction in the amount of treated air and an improvement in air quality with dust concentrations that are 3 times lower. The abatement system simplifies cleaning and management operations: the machine has a symmetrical design, which is more rational and logistically convenient.

macchina verniciatura a spruzzo pelli erretre
cabina spruzzatura verniciatura conceria erretre

Integrated spraying fume abatement system

The Ecotan tannery finishing booth stands out for its efficiency in the abatement of spraying fumes without the use of an external scrubber unit. The double filtration system using water and dry filters provides partial recycling of the air directly inside the spray machine.

The spray fume abatement system is an integral part of the finishing booth: it makes for a reduced footprint, with ease of processing and visibility on both sides, and is the ideal system for tanneries with limited spaces or for use with multiple processing lines. 

Customizable leather finishing booth

No compromises are required for colour circuit configurations: the Ecotan booth is suitable for all types of applications. From Airless gun spray base coats to more delicate effects, all the spray guns guarantee environmental benefits and energy savings.

The leather coating economizer is integrated within the finishing booth and is compatible with all spray guns: HVLP, Airless or AIRMIX, accurately detecting the speed of the spray finishing lines operating at both high and low pressure.

cabina rifinizione pelli verniciatura erretre

Wide visibility and uniform spraying

Despite its revolutionary aspects, the design of the Ecotan spray booth retains some of the most popular features of Erretre machines: large fully-opening doors for ease of cleaning and inspection of spray guns, and larger carousel sizes for more uniform spray coverage.


Easy automatic cleaning

A suction system designed to reduce colour overspray, combined with an automatic and programmable cleaning system, simplifies the booth floor washing process.

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Integrated economizer

The integrated economizer controls the amount of paint used for the leather spraying process and can scan through a reading bar at a pitch of 5 - 10 - 20 mm.

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Rapid color management

Painting units are highly customisable and suitable for all types of spray guns. Available with rapid colour change, in-line cross-linking and consumption control.

The green soul of the Ecotan spray cabin

Erretre Ecotan 3400

Ecotan has a high-tech core that focuses on sustainability. From reducing waste to optimizing consumption, the Ecotan leather spray booth is the best choice for those looking to accomplish high-quality, low environmental impact finished products.


56 g

Dusts in the air *

420 g

Previous models

* On average during a work shift

Energy savings


The optimization of energy consumption has always been a key objective in every  Erretre project, and the Ecotan finishing cabin is the highest expression of this policy so far.


The integrated energy-saving feature automatically adjusts processing tasks to suit your actual needs, reducing energy waste in unused machinery.

Assomac Targa Verde

Industry 4.0 and leather spray finishing

When designing Ecotan, our engineers and designers programmed native software with the machine and designed a simple and user-friendly graphic interface for tannery operators.  


Technicians and supervisors can manage and program all the data received from the spray booth and the linked drying tunnels, and also connect to external software such as ERP, management programs or M.O.Re.


The storage of the historical leather finishing, spraying and painting data is easily accessible and managed via the touch screen panel.

automazione conceria rifinizione pelli

Ecotan spray booth features

Structure and dimensions

  • Spray finishing booth made entirely of stainless steel, making it sturdy, durable and resistant to corrosion in the long-term;

  • Compact and more manageable dimensions without the external footprint of the abatement unit;

  • Wide sliding doors open the booth completely, ideal for ease of cleaning and maintenance.


Processing software

  • Latest generation economizer system for spray control, with leather scan bar with up to a 5 mm pitch;

  • Software 4.0 for historic data saving and retrieval of processing recipes. Each panel can handle the complete line, regardless of the number of booths, tunnels and conveyors;

  • Computerized control of spraying and painting processes, reducing the volume of treated air and energy consumptions.   


Carousels and spray guns

  • Paint spray booth designed for high and low pressure carousels and spray guns, with designated spray gun colour recovery circuits;

  • Constant and automatic washing of internal surfaces with recirculating water films.


Overspray and dust abatement

  • Abatement system integrated in the booth, directly below the spraying zone, for reduced overspray and efficient abatement;

  • Optimized air flows and adjustable suction for each spray arc.


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Elliptic shaped leather spraying and painting Carousel: the evolution of the rotary spray Carousel.

automazione produzione conciaria software industria

Our software for the L.C.A.S and M.O.Re automation of tannery processing.

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Apart from machinery, our company is also engaged in promoting several projects, in which we express our ethical and sustainable commitment.

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