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Pelle colorata


of the leather industry


Our lives intertwine with stories of people and entrepreneurs who have made leather their raison d'être.
Erretre decided to tell these stories.




* the videos were filmed before the outbreak of Covid-19.

Foto aerea di una foresta

A tribute to these amazing people.

Why the Erretre Legacy project

We decided to tell these stories because it is right to do so. All so often, absorbed by the frenzy of everyday life and by the hurtling race to achieve technological progress, we forget where we left off from. People are the fundamental pillars of this industry, with knowledge, skill and sheer determination they have started something that should be handed down through the generations. A precious heritage to protect, talk about and disseminate.

All this is Legacy.

The Erretre Legacy project

The Legacy Project was conceived with the intention of telling the stories and experiences of the people who have contributed to making the tannery industry so great. Behind the machines, there are people, dreams, desires and goals that very often we are not aware of. So we decided to tell these ordinary lives of extraordinary people, to celebrate their successes.


The legacies left by these dreams are the cornerstones on which the thriving industry in which we live today is built. Today’s industries, machines and products would not exist without the legacy left to us by the people who preceded us and believed so strongly in the development of the sector. We want to protect, preserve and promote this legacy through real-life experiences and by making it clear just how important this legacy is.

Origin project

The origin of the Erretre Legacy

The Origin video provides a comprehensive introduction to the Legacy Project. Thought translated into images, a journey through history, in search of the legacy left by the people who preceded us. Our journey begins with a story, the expert hands of people who, during their lives, have made leather their passion in life.

Therefore, in order to understand how we have come so far, we started talking to different people and arranging meetings where sometimes the conversation led us to talk about the future and how it all started.

We proceeded by planning several trips aimed at meeting people, discovering lives and delving into their stories brimming with passion and courage, leaving a legacy for the future.


Watch the Origin project


Australia project

In the land of kangaroos

Australia is a rugged land, with a very dry climate. This has always made leather processing an extremely complicated and difficult practice to process. Moreover, kangaroo leather, the main hide traded in the country, is exceptionally difficult to treat. Despite all this, a man called Lindsay Packer of the firm Packer Leather decided to invest in this industry. He had a dream, of becoming a tanner in Australia.


The story of a man who successfully managed to found, with his steadfastness, knowledge and courage, what is today the world's number one Australian company in the kangaroo leather processing sector. A journey into the history and legacy of this man, the embodiment of the idea that even in such a hostile world like Australia, it is possible to achieve one's goals.

Watch the Australia project

Pelle scamosciata

These tanners have achieved extraordinary results
and we are here to tell their stories and their heritage.

America project

The land where everything is possible

America, the land of opportunity. A land that has always been loved and admired by many, but only those with that extra quid actually make it, such as Helmut Beutel. Renowned as a legend, he moved to America at a very young age and became one of the top automotive technicians in the world. The combination of his creative and scientific thoughts enabled him to become a point of reference in the tanning industry.

The automotive industry in the United States is part of the culture of the country, it is huge and exceptionally competitive. This did not stop Beutel who, on the contrary, used his steadfastness and intelligence to excel in the industry. The story of a man who put everything he had, his passion, his dedication and his strength into what he believed. 


Watch the America project

Ritagli di pelle italiana

A project of stories, people, life and legacies
We can't wait to tell you new stories.

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