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Finishing Spray Lines

The Erretre pigmentation line is the result of the considerable experience gained in the field of leather finishing and in the solution of related problems.

A reliable and customizable line, efficient and easy to use, which optimally solves problems such as fume cleaning, environmental cleaningenergy saving, also improving the quality of the finishing and increasing the yield of the leather.

Finishing spray cabins

The Ecotan and Ecospray cabins are fully automated and equipped with Erretre LCAS control system through a 21.5" touch screen. The system allows the centralized programming of work cycles, creation, editing and memorization of recipes. It is also possible to manage and set the work parameters by displaying the entire layout of the line (cabin + tunnel) as well as of each individual component. The computerized panel can be connected via Ethernet to a LAN network, in order to transfer data to other software and to grant remote assistance.

Local automation can also be connected to other control devices such as bar code readers, consumption control scales, economizers, inline crosslinkers, concentrating all Erretre automation on a single device thus facilitating the work of technicians and operators.

The cabins can be supplied with rapid color change and circuit washing systems, which can be customized according to the customer's production requirements to save time and improve the overall system cleanliness.

The Erretre pigmentation line, which can be customized with either ECOTAN or ECOSPRAY cabins, is available in different useful working widths and is complete with the NER tunnel (with modular elements) according to the Customer's needs. There are also automatic continuous washing systems for the conveyor band.

Erretre also offers, if needed, solutions for the purification of waste water and its re-use with a special chemical-physical treatment sized upon request.

Drying and Cross-linking tunnel dry filtration

High working speed with reduced energy consumption


The drying tunnel NER has been designed to guarantee that leather drying is free of thermal shocks, to avoid the consequent loss of area yields and leaps of leather temperature, whilst guaranteeing huge energy savings by working at a high speed.

For this purpose the tunnel is composed of various special drying elements (or chambers) characterized by individual regulation, both of temperature and air flow, with values ​completely ​customizable by the operator, providing maximum flexibility of the programmable cycles. Phase by phase the tunnel self regulates the energy needed for the evaporation of the water content of the finish and ensures the continuous recirculation and filtration of air in each element. It is an original design solution and the only one in the tanning sector capable of creating a temperature-controlled drying profile.

This is a great help in the reduction of heat absorption by the leathers, limiting shrinkage phenomena and not compromising the softness and appearance of the skin. The quality of the air flow in the tunnel is influenced by both the temperature and the air's relative humidity. To keep this last parameter under control, the NER system is equipped with a sensor to always maintain the air quality at optimum values for a perfect drying. All drying parameters are regulated by the LCIS touch-screen system, which can be integrated into any Erretre cabin.

The N.E.R. it is also available in the Hybrid version, which dries thanks to the combination of hot air and IR radiation. This solution is particularly appreciated in conditions of limited space or for those looking for high working speeds.

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