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Cold Milling


The revolutionary cold leather milling technology

Innovation in leather finishing passes through temperature. The Cold Milling ® tannery drum represents Erretre's highest technological evolution and allows working regardless of external environmental conditions. Hot or chill, Cold Milling ® maintains a constant leather milling temperature without affecting the humidity of hides and skins.

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cold milling bottalatura a freddo erretre

Cold Milling ®: what is cold leather milling?

Cold Milling ® is the new Erretre patented technology designed for the most sensitive leathers. Available for Erretre Black Line fulling drums, it allows the cold milling of leathers through the perfect control of temperature and humidity parameters.

low consumptions with Cold Milling®

bottale a freddo per rifinizione conceria
High performances

The Cold Milling® drum represents the ultimate expression of Erretre's innovation and technology in leather finishing machinery for tanneries.

Total insulation of the milling environment

Controlled moisture even at low temperature

Clear and safe view of the machine

+30% efficiency in milling hides and skins

Independent air temperature management

More space for loading and unloading leather

Milling efficiency
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PACA 3000 Black Line Cold Milling


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PACA 3000 standard

Air dedusting
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CT7 Black Line dust collector


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CT5 dust collector


Accurate temperature management

Total temperature control inside the drum thanks to Cold Milling ® technology

 follonaggio a freddo pelli delicate e sensibili
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Both for cold milling cycles

And for hot milling cycles

There is an ever-increasing demand for superior-quality soft and smooth leathers, especially from vegetable and wet white hides that are particularly sensitive to heat: thus, temperature control during finishing procedures must be extremely precise. 

After years of research, the innovative Cold Milling ® technology patented by Erretre allows the environmental temperature inside the drum in contact with the hides to be kept under control, while being totally independent from the external environment and the quantity of hides being processed

The more accurate control of temperature and humidity avoids thermal shocks to the hides, achieving uniform and reproducible results no matter the season, time of year or location of the plants between different continents. 

The entire line of
Black Line drums can be chosen in the Cold Milling ® version.

Cold Milling ® range of milling drums 

bottali di follonatura cold milling paca

PACA Black Line Cold Milling®

Automatic unloading tannery drum

Our Black Line drums with Cold Milling® technology 
are available in different configurations and sizes.

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Automation of tannery milling drums

The automation of Erretre's tannery machinery allows operators to work with total management and maximum control of the leather finishing phases: processing parameters such as temperature and humidity, working times and chemical additives dosage. L.C.A.S and M.O.Re software allow the collection of production data and the storage of recipes and work cycles, both to ensure consistently high quality results by optimizing the organization of the work in the tannery.


Local Computerized Automation with PLC

Modern, user-friendly and easy-to-use operator software for leather milling processes. Collection of instantaneous data, analysis of the historical processing data and much more.


Milling Organizational Resource

Complete remote management of entire milling drum lines. Real-time data collection and control, production cycle time study and analysis, and much more.

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