Compact and efficient, ECOTAN ensures 80% lower emissions and up to 30% less chemical products waste

* compared to previous Ecotan models

Designed to meet the most stringent limits of atmospheric emission ECOTAN allows high abatement efficiency and improves colour with up to 30% product savings. All ECOTAN innovations are based on the integration of the scrubber unit in the lower part of the cabin, usually a not used volume, but now dedicated to overspray treatment. Near and below the spray guns, the air treatment process is completely revolutionized compared to the external unit, simplifying cleaning and management. The benefit obtained is doubleair quality with three times lower dust concentrations and 50% less treated air.

The absense of the external antipollution unit makes the shape of the cabin symmetrical and with a more rational footprint, simplifying the layout of the cabins in the plant



High efficiency suction to reduce color waste and simplify cleaning operations


Highly customizable suitable for all types of guns. Also available with quick colour change, in-line cross-linking, consumption control


Integrated abatement system for a minimum footprint


The stainless steel structure ensures reliability and resistance

No compromise in colour circuit configuration, ECOTAN is suitable for all types of guns and applications. With airless guns applied base coats to the more delicate effects, environmental benefits and saving can be found with alla types of guns.

Visibility and uniform coverage

Ecotan's revolutionary design maintains some the most popular features of the Erretre cabins, such as large full opening doors for easy cleaning and inspection of the guns, and oversized carousel dimension for more uniform spray coverage.

Industry 4.0

A simple and intuitive operator interface is the result of the programming and graphic design work carried out completely by our engineers and designers. A software born with the machine, able to manage all the information coming from the spray booth and the connected drying tunnels, programmable in a few manual selections. Ready for interconnection with external software such as M.O.Re and management software, it is able to save, even locally, historical production data and offer technicians and supervisors a clear and quick consultation directly from the panel.


  • Compact dimensions without the external footprint of the scrubber

  • Optimised air flows with direct intake below the spray zone for reduced oversprays and efficient abatement

  • Adjustable suction for each arch

  • Made entirely of stainless steel, robust and resistant over time and to corrosion

  • Internal surfaces in constant washing by means of recycled water curtains

  • Latest generation spraying control system complete with leather scanning bar up to 5 mm pitch.

  • Prepared for high and low pressure circuits, color recovery circuits and automatic washing.

  • Wide sliding doors for complete opening and easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • Complete plant control system ( Industry 4.0 ) for multiple savings and detailed data history and recall of work recipes. Each panel is able to control the spray booths, the dryers and the conveyor regardless of the length and complexity of the line itself.

  • Reduction of energy consumption thanks to the reduced volume of treated air and the computerized control of operations


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