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Simac Tanning Tech 2021

22-24 September 2021

Thank you to all the guests at Simac Tanning Tech 2021 for their interest in our new products and solutions. Your interest and trust in us are our strength! 💪🏻

The main innovations presented at the fair:

The automatic spraying booth model ECOTAN, equipped with a new type of fully integrated fume abatement able to treat the spraying overspray in such an efficient way to recycle the air directly inside the booth without the help of bulky external structures. This new abatement system provides greater suction force than traditional cabs with obvious benefits for the cleanliness inside the cabin. The ECOTAN series design retains some of the most popular features from the ECOSPRAY series, such as the large, fully opening doors for easy cleaning and inspection, and the larger carousel for more uniform spray coverage. Each operation is easily controlled through a 21" touch screen with a redesigned and intuitive graphic interface that allows you to automatically manage sequences of operations such as color change and maintenance and adjustment of the guns. Washing procedures are also automated, thus minimizing the need for manual labor and allowing operators to focus on other tasks. Each spray line is equipped with the NER model drying tunnel, also available in the hybrid version with infrared for optimal drying and reduced energy consumption with savings of more than 30%. All operating parameters are combined with production information and stored for remote control and analysis according to the "Industry 4.0" philosophy.

The Erretre PACA Black Line Cold Milling® drum model presented at the fair incorporates the latest industry innovations, with a view to the company's continuous growth and improvement. The Black Line represents the ultimate in innovation in humidity and temperature control. The version presented at the fair has been further improved in terms of design and ergonomics. The fruit of the drum has been lowered, compacting more the entire footprint of the machine. To date, the difference in height between the HIGH model with manual loading/unloading and the PACA model with the belt for automatic unloading is minimal. In addition to the obvious advantages in the positioning of the drum also in limited environments, the lower fruit facilitates the loading operations maintaining the peculiarity of the automatic unloading. The curved belt, which avoids bottlenecks during unloading, has been improved in terms of ergonomics and practicality of use with the addition of a stainless steel table that can be removed if necessary. Cold Milling® is a patented technology that keeps the skin cooler and the air humidity optimal, this recent innovation allows for the production of very fine-grained items. Temperature and humidity are meticulously controlled so as not to affect the most sensitive skin. It represents the result of numerous technological innovations and offers many other advantages in crust and finish. Black Line and Black Line Cold Milling® drums are also equipped with the new touch screen panel with innovative and user-friendly software.


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