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bottali per conceria follonatura pelle black line erretre

The most advanced Erretre tannery machinery for leather finishing. Low energy consumption and high performance: choose the innovation of the Black Line milling drums.

Black Line

New generation tannery milling drums

Erretre: tannery milling drums and finishing machinery

Our company has over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of tannery machinery for the finishing phases of leather and hides. In addition to leather processing machines such as milling drums, leather finishing booths and drying tunnels, our key objective is to manufacture innovation and automation solutions for the tannery industry, paying utmost attention to the environmental sustainability of the tanning process.

"We have carried out research, testing and experimentation of all types and on all types of leather and hides, because for us it is not simply a question of launching new machinery, but rather conceiving new tools to revolutionise and simplify the tanning process.” 

A.G., CEO Erretre Tannery Innovations

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Leather Processing Machines and Plants

Every day we are committed to searching for new tools and technologies aimed at making the best use of the leather processing stage. At Erretre we manufacture cutting-edge machinery for the tanning industry to facilitate and accelerate the finishing phase: milling drums, spray booths and drying tunnels.  

bottale conceria follonare pelle erretre

Leather milling drums

Milling processes have always been our strong point, the result of continuous commitment and research. The new standard of leather finishing.

 rifinizione pelli cabine spruzzatura impianti conceria erretre

Spray finishing booths

Cutting edge spray finishing lines, booths and drying tunnels with no compromise on their superior quality.

 bottale rifinizione pelle black line erretre

Milling drum

Black Line

Low consumption and high performance: the best possible milling drums in technology and quality.

cabina a spruzzo rifinizione pelli ecotan elite erretre

Spray booth


The tannery spray finishing booth ideal for all types of spray guns, carousels and applications. 

tunnel asciugaggio pelli concerie erretre

Drying tunnel


Leather drying system for tanneries that guarantees thermal shock free drying.

Manufacturers tannery machinery since 1974

We have been operating for over 40 years in the leather processing and finishing world, in one of the most important Italian districts for the tanning industry. Extensive years of experience and know-how, research and innovation have enabled us to develop state-of-the-art patents and technologies, successful relationships with selected partners, and our most significant corporate values.

erretre produttori macchine per concerie


Our history, our partners, our patents and our corporate mission.

erretre concerie progetti sostenibilità


Our corporate projects focus on life, ethics and sustainability for a better future.

Fratelli Carlessi


Drying and conditioning plants system, finishing lines.



In-house research and development laboratory. Test realisation on request.


Painting plant systems

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