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macchinari per conceria rifinizione pelli erretre

Milling drums and leather finishing lines

Erretre tannery machines are able to satisfy the demands of the entire leather finishing process: from the milling phase inside milling drums to the spraying phases
in spray finishing booths and drying tunnels.

A complete team of designers, software engineers, fitters and welders work on our leather processing and finishing machines every single day. And we have set ourselves the goal of supplying advanced machines and technologies to revolutionize the tanning industry.

​  Each milling drum, spray booth and tunnel dryer has been designed to guarantee the high quality of the construction materials, technological innovation, actual energy savings and a reduced environmental impact in the production of leather.


Not just finishing machines for tanneries therefore: what we deliver are tangible advantages.

  • Reliability in the consistency and reproduction of leather and hide finishing results

  • Control of the most complex processes (handling ramps, temperature and moisture)

  • Automation of the entire finishing line with advanced technologies and software 

  • Sustainability and optimization of consumptions, emissions and chemical products


Milling drums

Risorsa 1.png

Spray booths

Risorsa 2.png

Tunnel dryers



bottali follonaggio finitura pelli erretre
Milling drums for leathers

Milling have never been so efficient. Erretre's tannery drums guarantee excellent finishing of leather and hides, even in difficult working conditions, guaranteeing high performance and reduced consumptions along with high attention paid to environmental sustainability and automation.

 bottale a follonare a freddo cold milling
Cold Milling® logo

Cold Milling


Tannery drum designed for cold milling

Ideal for cold milling, designed for the most sensitive leather.

bottali rifinizione per conceria black line

Black Line

Cutting-edge milling drums

The latest generation milling machines featuring quality and innovation.

bottale follonatura automazione concerie


Fully automated milling drums

For a technologically advanced milling automation is fundamental.

Leather spray finishing booths and dryers

Finishing cabins and tunnels for spraying hides with no compromise on their superior quality. Paint spray booths and carousels, drying tunnels and wire scraping systems to complete the leather finishing machine range.

cabine rifinizione a spruzzo erretre
cabina spruzzatura pelli verniciatura ecotan


Leather spray booth

Compact and innovative, the cabin is suitable for all spray finishing systems.

giostra a spruzzo rifinizione pelli ellittica elite


Leather finishing carousel

The elliptical shape maintains the spray radius of the rotary version, but with compact dimensions.

essiccatoio pelli impianto asciugatura ner

NER tunnel

Leather drying system

Total control of the drying heat inside a modular tunnel to avoid thermal shock.

automazione conceria software lavorazione pelle erretre
Tannery automation systems

Today's hide and leather tanning systems are fully automated: Erretre machines adopt the Industry 4.0 concept, thanks to L.C.A.S and M.O.RE. software which guarantee an optimised and customised management of  leather finishing. Automation and tanneries join forces to fulfil new goals.

 assistenza macchine per conceria erretr

We are at your disposal for more information on our tannery machines, or for customised support and advice.

 conceria sostenibilità progetti erretre


Apart from machinery, our company is also engaged in promoting several projects on our ethical and sustainable commitment.

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