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 Milling drum with manual unloading

Erretre's High tannery drum is equipped with advanced features for leather milling and finishing. It is distinguished by its manual loading and unloading system, a durable stainless steel construction and an extraordinary loading capacity.

The traditional milling drum with an extra gear

The High milling drum is a powerful tannery machine. The leather milling process takes place within a climate-controlled stainless steel environment, where hides and skins can be processed easily and flexibly with excellent and repeatable results.

In Erretre's most characteristic tannery drum, the mechanical action, the control of temperature and humidity and the constant air filtration, gives the leather the desired characteristics in terms of grain, softness and surface finish.

The High machine is CE-compliant with panels covering all moving parts. On the front, a vertical sliding door facilitates its use and ensures its safety.

bottle a follonare per conceria high
bottali per conceria high linee produzione

Robust and durable tannery drum

Entirely made of stainless steel, High is designed to be solid and reliable. Not only in structure, but also in reproducibility: High is the ideal drum for the tannery that wants to manage the processing parameters with the highest precision, in order to obtain high-quality milled leathers with consistently uniform and homogeneous characteristics.

Models and dimensions

The High milling drum with manual loading and unloading is available in different configurations, depending on the size and volume of leather being processed.

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