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We Make Pure Air: our corporate mission for a better future.

Now we make pure air. Why?

We have always felt the responsibility to help substantially to the improvement of the environment. From the beginning, we have always distinguished ourselves for the high levels of innovation, study and sustainability placed in our machinery's design.

The urgent need to reduce air pollution from every point of view is now clear worldwide.

But what if we didn't limit ourselves only to narrowing the damage and became real producers of clean air and energy?

By joining the U-Earth Pure Air Zone project, we have decided to answer this question firsthand and confirm our commitment to the environment.

The Pure Air Zone project

The project aims to create areas of pure air in cities, companies, schools and public places to limit people's exposure to polluted air.

«If once there was no drinking water, and today no one can do without it, it is equally important to have clean air in the place where we live, work, spend free time. If you spend 8 hours unexposed to pollutants, your immune system becomes stronger», says founder and managing director Betta Maggio. «Our mission is to find clean air, even from viruses and bacteria, in public places, so that people can choose what to breathe as they can already do with what they drink and what they eat.»

Soon we could search through the app gyms, bars, companies, parks wherever to choose to breathe clean air: the Pure Air Zones. People will be able to decide what to breathe just as they do with what they eat and drink. The project's goal is to create as many air bubbles as possible and diffuse them, as well as, for example, you can find WIFI zones everywhere.

Erretre Pure Air Zone

As anticipated in the previous article, thanks to the installation in our rooms of the innovative purifiers by U-Earth Biotechnologies, we can destroy up to 7kg of contaminants every day (the equivalent of the restraining power of a forest of 552 oaks). These purifiers are the only devices in the world able to catch pollution by "molecular electric charge", making it digest by microorganisms selected from entirely natural origin. Thus, they return new pure air to the environment.

The system is also complete with a "U-monitor" control unit that monitors the quality of the air in the environment every 5 minutes.

We reflect our philosophy in everything we do, starting with our workplace and protecting our workers.

Now Erretre is certified Clean Air Zone, with the hope of soon being the first among many. We are at the forefront of improving our environmental impact for a healthier and safer environment.


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