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Milling drums for tanneries
Erretre's long-time strength, commitment and research

Dry leather milling, or simply milling, is part of the leather finishing process and is one of the most complex and articulated phases in the tannery. Drum milling is required to improve the softness of the leather and give it the desired final appearance.

This is done by shaking actions and mechanical straining in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. Inside the milling drum it is possible to apply chemicals (through the Chemical Milling ® technology) to provide technical or fashion effects to the hides and skins.

The Erretre milling drum for leather is the ideal solution for tanneries looking for the highest quality product, without losing sight of innovation and sustainability in finishing: multi-purpose tannery machinery designed to meet the most ambitious requirements.

Black Line

State-of-the-art milling drum line


Low consumption, high performance, ease of use and durability. Choose the most advanced leather milling machine.

bottale per conceria follonaggio black line
Bottali: Collezione
bottalatura a freddo pelli cold milling
Cold Milling

Low temperature milling drum

Cold Milling® logo


Discover cold milling with Erretre's new patented process to keep the temperature under control.

 bottale a follonare automatico erretre paca


Automated drum

Technologically advanced, the Erretre automated drum is a guarantee of high quality leather milling.

bottale di follonatura manuale erretre high

Drum with manual unloading

Erretre's manual milling drums are practical, compact and complete with LCAS software for tannery automation.

bottale da laboratorio conceria erretre ambra

Full-optional laboratory drum

An efficient drum with a limited footprint, ideal for laboratories, R&D departments and small production batches.

depolverizzatore aria per bottali erretre
Air dedusting systems
bottali conceria accessori erretre
Accessories for milling drums
automazione conceria software produzione erretre
Automation of leather production
tecnologie software bottali erretre
Processes and technologies

Sistema di
umidificazione dell'aria

depolverizzatore aria per bottali erretre
Air dedusting systems

Erretre drums come complete with efficient dust collectors for dust suppression

Even today, the tanning process transforms a waste from the far more important food industry into a useful and durable product, suitable for the production of countless objects.

Leather tanning is already environmentally friendly in itself, but with a view to a circular economy and waste management and recovery, it needs to be controlled in order to minimize environmental pollution. The main consequence of leather finishing processing is the release of aerosols, dust particles and volatile substances into the air residual from leather treatment and the use of chemical finishing products.

Erretre has always put the environment first and is constantly working to improve the dust removal and air purification capacity in all its tannery machinery.

From milling drums to spraying booths and drying tunnels, we give our customers our know-how and experience in order to design tailor-made projects in the area, location and purpose of use, to further increase the effectiveness of our tannery machines.


Humidity control system

Risorsa 1.png

The certainty of always having a correct reading and management of processing data

Moisture has always been the most sensitive and delicate variable in the leather milling process and is decisive in several phases. All Erretre tannery drums are equipped with an advanced moisture control system for milling leathers. 
Keeping moisture levels under control in the finishing process is essential to create a product with the desired characteristics, even under the most demanding conditions of use: Erretre milling drums guarantee correct validation and automatic humidity control.


Accessories for milling drums

Those who choose Erretre know they can count on solid, durable milling drums built to give operators the utmost care when finishing hides and skins in the tannery, regardless of their quantity or size, tanning or finishing method.

With Erretre's accessories it is possible to configure the machines to the customer's specifications, exploiting their full potential: improving efficiency, facilitating maintenance and cleaning, extending the fields of application with chemical products injection.

Air humidification special unit

A compressed air humidification unit or an external pre-humidification one is available, instead of the traditional airless system with variable flow nozzles.

Refrigeration and dehumidification

An independent air refrigeration system, particularly useful in tropical or humid areas where the parameters for optimal leather milling cannot be met.

bottali conceria accessori erretre

TOP package

Our best accessories for tannery drums

Internal profiles for self-cleaning

Specific structures to keep the inside of the drum clean even in the presence of high humidity levels, allowing to work alternating batches of different colors without loss of time.

Double heating system

It is possible to provide a dual unit for heating the temperature inside the milling drum, which can reduce drying and pre-heating times.

Double injection through Erretre patent

Dosing system to optimize the spread of chemical products over the entire area of the hide, with separate circuits for water and chemical injection.


Product dosing unit

Stainless steel tank for dosing chemical products with patented Chemical Milling® technology, to modify the characteristics of hides and skins directly during milling.

Erretre Chemical Dosing Unit: a stainless stee tank for dosing chemical products with the Chemical Milling patented method.
Bottali: Automazione
automazione conceria software produzione erretre
Automation of tannery production

Technologies of excellence and respect for customers’ needs come together in a new concept of tannery machinery, where modernity and connectivity prevail.

Erretre's automation software gives tanneries full control of their production, superior efficiency with high quality results, and an optimal organization of the tanning processes guided by leather finishing data.


Computerised Local Automation with PLC

State-of-the-art, operator-friendly software. Instantaneous data collection and communication systems, with historical processing analysis and more.


Milling Organisational Resource

Advanced tool to manage the entire drum lines production. Real-time data collection and management, analysis of production cycle times and more.


Do you have special requests or need additional information on Erretre tannery milling drums?

Write to us and one of our representatives will be happy to answer you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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