L.C.I.S. System

Fully Computerized Local Automation

with PLC and 21" colour touch screen panel

L.C.I.S ​​is developed by the software division of Erretre


Intuitive infographic for ease of use


Visualization and graphic

construction of recipes


Real time graphic visualization

of the process


Capacity for up to 5000 milling recipes


Messages with or without confirmation from the operator can be added to the work recipe


Automatic management of temperature and humidity ramps


Scheduled maintenance management


Controls for priority management (humidity and temperature) and chemical product injection


Complete machine configuration


Separate control of the heating groups in order to modulate the temperature


Possibility to stop on for checks

during the milling process


Predisposition for connection to a Host

in a local ethernet area network


Password management

with multi-layer customizable priority


Programmable automatic restart

in the event of power failure


Emergency keyboard

for leather unloading 


Self-diagnosis and display of alarms


Self-diagnosis system and control of humidity probe's reading speed by a second probe



(Milling Organizational Resources)

This is our complete milling drum automation software. It networks all machines equipped with LCIS, to extend the control and programming of the drums to a central computer Host.

An advanced multifunctional scheduling system:

  • Optimize production planning through an intuitive interface;

  • Ensure direct control on each individual machine;

  • Centralize the creation, management and scheduling of the work;

  • Record all the parameters for each job, automatically archived where necessary;

  • Create an easy-to-read historical archive;

  • Integrate with data collection and administration systems;

  • Organize scheduled maintenance;

  • Supervise the efficient functioning of the whole system;

  • Support the OPC UA technology.

Data analysis and processing history service

Thanks to the control center with internal data-center, Erretre can guarantee its customers a customized data analysis service for advanced development of production recipes/formulas.

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