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The leather finishing process has a decisive impact on the end appearance of the products and, consequently, on their success on the market. We aim to deliver increasingly precise tools to our Customers, to ensure complete control and simplify the process, making the most of human analytical capacity.

In addition, the automatic collection and compilation of data allow a faster understanding and optimization of the processing, making the analysis intuitive and effective.

L.C.A.S. system

Local Computerized Automation System with PLC and 21" color touch screen

L.C.A.S. is the system developed by Erretre's software division


Special features


  • Real-time process graphic display


  • Recipe display and graphic construction


  • Capacity to store 5000 work recipes (modifiable) and modifiable unloading recipes


  • Messages with or without operator confirmation that can be included in the working recipe


  • Advanced controls for automatic handling of temperature and humidity ramps


  • Management of routine maintenance


  • Complete machine configuration


  • Product management controls (humidity and temperature) and chemical product injection


  • Separate control of the heating units to modulate temperature


  • Work process monitoring stop/start option



  • More-level password management (operator, superior operator, technician and maintenance technician. etc)


  • Programmable automatic restart in case of power blackout


  • Emergency keypad to terminate the process without PLC (or in case of PLC failure)


  • Self-diagnosis and alarm display option


  • Self-diagnosis and swift reading control system of the hymidity detector


bianche-1 (2).png
User-friendly infographics

The software interface of our machines is specifically designed to be used by all those concerned. The graphic interface features solely iconographic options to simplify and facilitate use in a multicultural environment.



Milling Organisational Resources

Completion of the milling drum line

Completes the milling drum automation. It envisages a network connection of all the machines equipped with LCAS to extend the control and programming of the drums via a “host” computer located in a central workstation.

It is a state-of-the-art multi-function scheduler:


  • Optimises production programming via a user-friendly interface;


  • Provides direct control over every single machine;


  • Centralises the creation, management and programming of the processes;


  • Records all parameters for each individual automatically stored process;


  • Creates an easy-to-search historical archive;


  • It is compatible with data collection and management systems;


  • Organises routine maintenance;


  • Monitors the optimal functioning of the entire system;

  • Complete with OPC UA technology;


  • Dialogues with corporate supervision systems with data exchange via SQL databases.

Processing analyzer

The process analyser is a function that provides a user-friendly way to view the operating situation of all the machines. The simple iconographic features allow users to quickly understand if the work has been completed correctly and where to make changes, as and when necessary.


Process analyzer

External connections

The Erretre software is designed to be ready to connect to a host on a local ethernet network. This means that the system can interface directly with the customer's program to achieve optimal performance.


• Recipe editor

The M.O.Re software has an intuitive and complete editor for creating working recipes. Create all your leather processing recipes from the comfort of your office, automatically check the most compatible drums and organise your production to make the best use of machinery and working time. The software will automatically send the recipe to the set machine. 

• Graphic analysis

The M.O.RE. software is a scheduler that is able to program the operations of all the machines over a period of time. These can then be viewed via useful graphic images that provide a general overview of the situation and the possibility to filter the elements according to specific needs.

• Recipe histories

Our software is also a recipe library. It stores and archives all the recipes, together with the histories of each recipe used for each machine, to ensure swift retrieval as and when required.

• Centralized management

The software features the centralised management of all the machine parameters of one or more lines. It is therefore possible to distribute and synchronise the line processing so as to work without wasting time. It is also provides centralised management of all accesses to machines by operators, with a system of up to four password levels.

Data analysis and processing history service

With its in-house data-centre control system, Erretre can provide customers with a bespoke processing data analysis service for advanced production formula development.

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