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Who we are

Erretre was founded in 1974 as a technical design firm aimed at developing new ideas and know-how (chemical, mechanical and technical) for leather processing in one of the largest tanning districts in the world, as well as the most historic in Italy.



From the very start, Erretre focused its attention on the final phase of the tanning process: the leather and hide finishing phase. It began with the design and construction of milling drums, spray cabins and drying tunnels, which went on to be constantly renewed and updated, in line with the research carried out and the experience acquired over time. This led to the construction of products with superior-high-quality standards: efficient machinery, innovative in their essence, reliable over time and easy to maintain.

Experience and continuous innovation

Chemical Milling® is one of the successful projects resulting from our continuous research: a leather finishing technology with the controlled injection of chemical products directly during the milling phase.


In 1984 Erretre was already regarded as a pioneer given its vision of the tanning sector and the research carried out in collaboration with the University of Occupational Medicine of Padua, developing new aerosol systems to manage the powders that formed during the leather and hide pigmentation phase; this led to the development of innovative spraying and dust abatement methods, anticipating the current regulations by an outstanding 10 years.


Over 100 international patents confirm the original features of the technical solutions conceived and designed by Erretre. Today, after so many years in the industry, the same passion and curiosity continue to inspire our research in various directions and support and strengthen our position as a leader in the sector.




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“In every project, we undertake, we are committed to conveying our experience, our expertise and above all our passion.

We take on bold challenges so as to always deliver the best.”

Erretre in the world

Erretre operates in over 80 countries worldwide. It works and joins forces with small and large tanneries that use all types of leather (bovine, ovine, caprine, porcine and exotic leather such as reptile, ostrich, etc.) to manufacture articles for a variety of uses, such as footwear, automotive, leather goods and accessories, clothing, furniture and special applications.


From small to large enterprises: with its range of over 20 different milling drum models, the commitment undertaken by Erretre focuses on finding bespoke solutions tailored to meet the demands of its customers, supporting them in identifying the right machinery using its own in-house R&D laboratory under the supervision of qualified and certified technicians at national and international levels.

Erretre, leading Italian company in the production of milling drums, cooperates at national, European and international level with tanneries that work every type of leather.
Erretre, the leading Italian company in the manufacturing of milling drums, collaborates at a national, European and international level with tanneries that process every kind of leather.
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Milling drums, finishing booths and drying tunnels.


Our vision is focused on innovation, research and development.

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We work with a number of trusted partners.

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