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Drum with automated unloading system

Erretre's Paca drum is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for milling and finishing dry leather. It is characterized by an automated loading and unloading system to facilitate the workers in the milling department.

bottale di follonatura automatizzato paca

Quality assured for milling hides

The Paca milling drum is designed to include a series of automations that facilitate its use. Automatic leather unloading, variable processing speeds and large automatic doors allow you to work fluently and quickly.

During unloading, the drum is constantly rotating: the skins are collected by a collector at the rear side of the machine and then transported to the front side by a conveyor belt, to be easily accommodated in the table or horse. 

This system avoids the formation of folds and knots, making the milling phase smoother and more controlled: the presence of operators is not required for unloading the hides, but only for stack them on the horse.

Automation of the tannery drum

Automatic door opening and closing opens the possibility to various loading solutions, depending on the environment in which the drum is installed.


From traditional canopies to more elaborate mezzanines to automatic systems with conveyor belts, it is possible to recover large areas for storing hides and thus optimise the drum's footprint.

bottale follonaggio paca porte automatiche

Models and dimensions 

The Paca milling drum with automatic loading and unloading is available in different configurations, depending on the size and volume of leather batches being processed.

bottale di follonaggio erretre paca modelli
bottali per conceria paca linee produzione

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