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bottale di follonaggio rifinizione pelli erretre


Black Line

New generation leather milling drums

The Black Line drums are the most recent and efficient solution for leather milling in tanneries. Years of research have led to the design of the most innovative, highly technological and sophisticated design of milling drums, which guarantees total control over the moisture and temperature of the leather inside the drum. A comprehensive user-friendly software ensures ease of use, programming and data analysis.

bottali a follonare concerie erretre
Risorsa 2.png

lower consumptions
high performances

Innovation, technology and complete finishing phase control: these are just some of the characteristics of the Black Line milling drums.

Complete temperature management

Controlled moisture even at low temperatures

Clear and safe view of the machine

Group 387.png

Total moisture control and management

More material unloading space

New software touch screen interface

Leather milling efficiency

Compared to traditional milling drums, Black Line boosts the efficiency of leather milling thanks to the technological innovation that has improved the control of ramp temperature and moisture, automatic management of processing and recipes via software, and Chemical Milling ® technology for chemical product injection – all designed to maximize energy savings.

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PACA 3000 Black Line

Risorsa 28.png

PACA 3000 standard

Air dedusting system

The new dedusting system installed in the Black Line milling drums guarantees an effective separation of dust from chemical residues generated by the finishing process, in a safe and fully automated manner, without altering processing parameters such as moisture and temperature.

Risorsa 27.png


Deduster CT7 Black Line

Risorsa 29.png

Deduster CT5

designed for
protection and safety

 bottali per conceria follonatura erretre

The innovative safety protection of the Black Line drums guarantees the maximum opening in height possible, all within the machine footprint. 

This means the user can position the drum in the most favourable position, even in tanneries with lower ceilings or when the machine is installed under a mezzanine.

The Paca model features an automatic curved belt which allows it to adjust to the shape of the drum, whilst maintaining a constant distance from the hides. This avoids shrinkage, crushing and possible damage to the processed leather.

Models and configurations

The range of Black Line leather milling drums is available in different sizes, load capacities and specific configurations according to the tanneries’ needs.

Black Line

Automatic milling drum

bottale automatizzato follonaggio pelli

The automatic loading and unloading system installed on the Black Line Paca version, with automated doors and belt, ensures ultra-swift handling of large volumes of leather and hides.

Dimensions and capacities:
- Size 2500 mm, max load 500 kg*

- Size 3000 mm, max load 900 kg*

- Size 3500 mm, max load 2000 kg*

bottale automatizzato follonaggio pelli
* indicative values depending on the type of leather.

Black Line

Manual milling drum

bottale manuale rifinizione pelli

The Black Line High manual loading and unloading system is designed to provide controlled, simple and safe operation, with watertight doors that are easy to open and close.

Dimensions and capacities:

- Size 2500 mm slim, max load 400 kg*

- Size 2500 mm, max load 500 kg*
- Size 3000 mm slim, max load 700 kg*

- Size 3000 mm, max load 900 kg*

bottale manuale rifinizione pelli
* indicative values depending on the type of leather.

The green soul of Black Line

Energy saving_VERDE.png

Energy saving


Erretre milling drums are programmed to automate and enhance the use of electric energy, and to reduce it when not needed so as to reduce energy consumptions. 

Carbon free_VERDE.png

Carbon footprint of leather batches


Total control of consumptions with real-time collection of data. Awareness on the impact of processing and its carbon footprint makes for more sustainable tannery production processes.

VOC free_VERDE.png

Free VOC contamintaion


The optional decontamination system for VOC abatement allows users to fully restore the inside of the milling drum, eliminating all forms of contamination.

follonatura pelli bottale scarico automatico erretre
Curved conveyor_Bianco.png
Automatic unloading

Black Line | PACA

The automatic unloading of the milling drum provides for a swifter and easier leather milling process


The drum rotates whilst unloading the leather into a rear collector and deposited on the conveyor belt that carries it to the front of the machine. A new curved belt adapts to the shape of the drum whilst maintaining a wide and constant distance from the leather.


This avoids shrinkage, crushing risks and possible damages to the hides, making for a swift and safe unloading from the drum.

Chemical Milling ®

Product dosing unit

Chemical Milling ® technology is internationally patented and allows users to manage the leather characteristics during the milling process with a series of secondary operations.

The advantages of Chemical Milling® include the flexibility and reproducibility of results on large-scale production lines, occupational safety and efficiency and compliance with environmental sustainability.

rifinizione pelle prodotti chimici chemical milling erretre
bottalatura pelli automazione conceria
Automation of tannery drums

Erretre automation technologies for leather processing provide total control of the tannery finishing phases. Therefore, not only work times and schedules, moisture and temperature, the dosage of chemical products, but also storage of the processing and recipe histories, in order to industrialise and optimise the work in tanneries.


The L.C.A.S and M.O.Re systems ensure high-quality results, automatic organisation of processing, and the use of superior level technologies with attention to production requirements.


Local Computerized Automation with PLC

Modern, user-friendly and easy-to-use operator software for leather milling processes. Collection of instantaneous data, analysis of the historical processing data and much more.


Milling Organizational Resource

Complete remote management of entire milling drum lines. Real-time data collection and control, production cycle time study and analysis, and much more.

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Do you want more?

Black Line Cold Milling ®

Cold milling drum for processing sensitive hides, independently of external environmental conditions.

bottalatura a freddo pellami erretre
bottale conceria follonaggio automatico

Classic line milling drum with CT5 deduster, unloading belt, automated loading systems and doors.

bottali follonatura manuale concerie

Classic line manual unloading milling drum, with manual opening doors and CTF deduster.

bottale macchina da laboratorio per conceria

The most compact tannery milling drum, ideal for laboratories, R&D and small production batches.

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