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Cold Milling


Innovation goes through the temperature. We present the latest generation of milling machines, the Cold Milling drum . This drum represents the maximum of technological innovation and allows you to work regardless of the external environmental conditions, be they high or low. Hot or cold Cold Milling keeps the temperature constant, without compromising the moisture of the leathers.

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The drumming revolution

Cold Milling® is the new technology designed for the most sensitive leathers. Designed for cold drumming , it allows temperature control that does not interfere with the balance of the internal environment in contact with the hides.

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reduced consumption with Cold Milling®

High performance

Our flagship product is a concentrate of innovation and technology that does not miss anything.

Aumento dell'efficienza di bottalatura

+ 30%

drumming efficiency

Not conditioned

the environment of use

L'ambiente interno del bottale non è condionato dall'ambiente esterno di utilizzo

Controlled humidity

already at low temperatures

Umidità controllata già a basse temperature

Clear view of the machine in safety

Completa visione della macchina ache in lavoro, sempre in sicurezza.
Totale controllo della temperatura

Total temperature control

More space


Maggiore spazio di scarico delle pelli
Milling efficiency
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PACA 3000 Black Line Cold Milling


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PACA 3000 standard

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CT7 Black Line deduster


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CT5 deduster


Temperature control

Control the temperature thanks to the new Cold Milling® cold drumming system.

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In many markets there is an increasing demand for soft and smooth leathers especially from non-mineral tanning which are particularly sensitive to heat. For this reason, temperature control must be more accurate and fulling is no exception.

After years of research, the innovative technology allows to keep the temperature of the environment in contact with the skin controlled in a totally independent way from the external environment . This allows to avoid thermal shocks to the leathers, realizing a more accurate control of temperature and humidity regulation, and achieving reproducible results regardless of the seasons. The effect is greater uniformity between the hides processed during the year or between factories located in different continents.

The whole line of Black Line drums can be chosen in the Cold Milling® version .

We study every shape

a design that surprises


Curved automatic conveyor

(for PACA version)


The refined curve of the automatic belt allows you to follow the shape of the drum, maintaining a constant space from it.

This avoids areas of shrinkage, cause of crushing and possible damage to the processed leathers.


compact security


The innovative system allows for maximum opening, extending within the overall dimensions of the barrel.

This allows you to make the most of the positioning of the drum, even in rooms with not particularly high ceilings or under special shelters.

Models available

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PACA Black Line Cold Milling®

Automated drum

Our Black Line model range is available in different configurations and in different sizes.

UDP - Chemical Milling®

Our Internationally patented technology allows direct modification of the leather characteristics during milling operations.


We designed our Chemical Milling® technology to enable a range of secondary operations to be performed during the milling process. Chemical Milling® brings the triple benefit of: manufacturing flexibility and consistency in large scale production lines, labour safety and efficiency, and environmental protection.

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Local Computerized Automation with PLC

Cutting-edge software, immediate for operators. Instant data collection and communication system. Historical processing analysis.


Milling Organizational Resource

Manage the entire programming of your drum battery from the comfort of your desk. Real-time data collection and management, with study and analysis of production cycle times.


Excellent technology and attention to customer needs come together in a new conception of tannery.


Erretre automation ensures superior efficiency with high quality results, and optimal organization of processing. Take full control of your production.

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