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Innovation, Research and Development

Interview by Distretto Veneto della Pelle with Antonio Galiotto, CEO Erretre

Antonio Galiotto, CEO Erretre, interviewed by Distretto Veneto della Pelle, explains what innovation means to him and how the R&D department comes to life in the projects of Erretre and Fratelli Carlessi.

Since its foundation, Erretre's primary objective has been to use innovation to achieve better and more sustainable leather making processes.

Here is a small translated extract from the interview, which we invite you to read.

(the full interview is in Italian)

Today you cannot talk about innovation without combining it with sustainability. How do you combine these areas?

We have always tried to innovate across the board. We don't only think about machines, the working environment and therefore the well-being of the workers is a key point and improving the environment in which our machines are placed is fundamental. The main difference is that until recently it was not important to many people, it was not a feature of the application. Now finally the world has raised its voice and is reacting. We must all be more sustainable in our own small way, which is not so small after all. We have always tried to make our proposals more sustainable, even if we were not required to do so. Now the demand is there and we have behind us the experience of the studies we have carried out, which have brought us some truly amazing results. An example of this is our Ecotan spray booth, which sounds like a novelty, but in fact the project was born in 1984 in collaboration with the Fondazione Clinica del Lavoro di Padova directed by Dr Vincenzo Cocheo: we have been improving it ever since. The latest version has an even higher capacity for reducing atmospheric emissions and purifying the air, as well as reduced energy consumption. For us, maximum environmental efficiency means putting people at the centre.

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