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Black Line: Efficient milling

Our flagship product, high performance and reduced consumption

Erretre's Black Line represents the latest generation of milling drums. We have developed a new drumming system that allows for more precise moisture control and temperature management of the hides.

Black Line allows for 15% more milling efficiency than the average, which reaches 30% in the Cold Milling® version. The dust abatement capacity has been improved by 20%. The new structure and the quality materials guarantee high isolation from the environment of use, keeping the temperature constant, without compromising the humidity of the leathers.

The automatic discharge, which can be added on request, has been revised by creating a curved system that follows the drum's shape to maintain a constant safety distance from it. This avoid the creation of leather accumulation points and therefore possible damage to the hides.

The Black Line Cold Milling® version is a process patented by Erretre, designed for the most sensitive leathers which require milling conditions completely indipendent from the external enviroment.

Whether it is a hot or cold environment, the temperature and humidity are carefully controlled and guarantee a high-quality result. Cold Milling® is particularly suitable for leathers that are sensitive to temperature and humidity as non-chrome tanned leathers and all smooth leathers in general.

The products are equipped with innovative software that provides, through an intuitive interface, the control of priority management (humidity and temperature) and the injection of chemical products (Chemical Milling®). The software help operators with different functions. For example, you can create or modify the recipes.

Or you can check the history of the manufacture directly from the machines. It also interfaces with the M.O.RE system that allows the management and scheduling of the entire department's processing in line with industry 4.0. The whole system is ready to connect with other management systems.

Black Line and Black Line Cold Milling® represent the best choice able to guarantee high-quality results and repeatability.

The total control of temperature and humidity and the technology make our milling drums a complete and innovative product capable of responding to the needs of each customer.


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