In addition to machinery, Erretre is committed to the creation of ad hoc copyrighted processes and procedures for specific processes and to help in the various stages of leather processing.

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Chemical Milling®

Process for the optimization of the injection of the product

Our internationally patented technology allows you to directly modify the characteristics of the leather during drumming operations .


We have designed our Chemical Milling® technology to enable a variety of secondary operations to be performed during the drumming process. The advantages with Chemical Milling®: flexibility and consistency of production in large-scale production lines, safety and efficiency of work and environmental protection.

Latest generation drum

Black Line

The new of drums to mill with the maximum of technological innovation, an intuitive and complete software at the customer's service, and an elegant and refined design.

Automatic drum


Technologically advanced for fulling, drying, conditioning in barrels, finishing of dry leather and equipped with automatic unloading.

Cold Milling®

Process for cold drumming

The innovative Cold MIlling® technology allows to keep the temperature of the environment in contact with the skin controlled in a totally independent way from the external environment . This allows to avoid thermal shocks to the leathers, realizing a more accurate control of the temperature and humidity regulation, and achieving reproducible results regardless of the seasons. The effect is greater uniformity between the hides processed during the year or between factories located on different continents.


The whole line of Black Line drums can be chosen in the Cold Milling® version.

Cold Milling® logo

Product for cold milling

Cold Milling® Black Line

Designed for cold drumming, it allows you to work independently from external environmental conditions without compromising the humidity of the hides.

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Assomac Targa Verde

Assomac - Green Label

The Green Label is part of the ASSOMAC "Supplier of Sustainable Technologies" project, which aims to create an Association Labelling System certified by a Third Party, because traceability, sustainability, transparency and environmental compatibility are now fundamental prerogatives that cannot be ignored.


Erretre, together with many Italian manufacturers, in the absence of internationally recognised standards for classifying the energy and/or environmental performance of leather processing machines, has promoted, together with Assomac, a tool that aims to show some performance data of the machines produced.


The green plate is a document that aims to identify and make easily understandable the energy and environmental performance of machinery in the tanning sector. In particular, it refers to a process chosen by the manufacturer as a comparison parameter.


The procedure applied makes it possible to express the impact of the plant in the production process through the internationally recognised CFP (Carbon FootPrint) reference parameter, calculated according to LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) methodologies.


Awareness of the technological excellence achieved, also in terms of sustainability, is in fact an element of strength for Erretre, at the forefront of technological solutions with low environmental impact and high sustainability.

Discover our products
Black Line

automatic unloading drum

Reduced consumption and high performance, the maximum of technological innovation and quality.

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Spray booth

No compromise, Ecotan is the booth suitable for all types of guns and applications.

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Tunnel NER

Drying tunnel

Drying tunnel that guarantees drying of the leathers free from thermal shock.