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Pure Air Zone Project: technology in the service of the environment.

With the Pure Air Zone project in cooperation with U-Earth, Erretre takes a further step towards greater sustainability.

Safety, health and care for the environment come first.

Change is necessary, especially in our industry. We have always been committed to promoting greater awareness, but never before, also from an operational point of view, each of us is called upon to contribute personally.

Our company philosophy has always been oriented towards saving energy and reducing pollutants in the environment through the development of innovative machines with a low ecological impact. One example is ECOTAN: the innovative spray booth capable of reducing emissions by up to 80% and optimising the spraying of chemicals, with a 30% reduction in waste.

By joining the Pure Air Zone project, we decided to move decisively to expand and apply this philosophy to indoor environments as well. We immediately realised that U-Earth's philosophy embraces the same ideas that we have always pursued: using technology to help the environment. It was therefore a natural decision to join this project. The air purifiers installed in Erretre's rooms help to reduce air pollution by destroying up to 7kg of contaminants every day.

In addition to the air purifiers, we distributed the innovative U-Mask to all employees, and to our customers. This is the world's first biotech mask. U-Mask, like the purifiers, not only captures contaminants in the air, but destroys them within it.

Pursuing an ideal is challenging, but that has never stopped us. We are a leader in the tanning industry for technological innovation and energy saving, and have always been at the forefront of research and development in the leather industry.

Erretre is now an AIR PURE ZONE certified, clean air company.

Read more about our project Pure Air Zone.


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