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ECOTAN: efficiency made simple

ECOTAN is a spray booth which promises unequaled results, designed taking into account the smallest details and also the big picture of the important requirements of the leather finish coating operations.

[...] A finishing spray booth [...] (that allowing) a better separation of the overspray and also improves the transfer of the finish onto the leather thus producing an important finish chemicals' savings.

[...] Compared to traditional spray booths the air consumption is reduce by 50% this also meaning a considerable energy savings and also a reduction of the discharged pollutants. The air quality readings measured with the ECOTAN booth are [...] 10 times better than the European Union limits.

With such low emission values, it is even possible to consider the partial recirculation of the treated air [...].

[...] considering the above explained 3 times improvement factor and half the air flow the ECOTAN spray booth therefore is 6 times better than a traditional booth and scrubber.

The air quality improvement means obvious savings in water volume and operator time for booth cleaning.

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