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Ner: Drying and crosslinking tunnel

The NER drying tunnel has been designed to guarantee a drying of the leathers free from thermal shock.

NER Drying tunnel is a real “modular” tunnel where each stage is physically independent of the nearest. Every two stages are equipped with their own electric command box.

This drying tunnel has been designed to guarantee a gentle drying of the leathers preventing thermal shocks with correlated loss of area yield ensuring at the same time great savings of energy while working at high speed.

For this purpose, the tunnel is made up of special drying elements or chambers featured by individual adjustment of both heat and airflow. The air movement system inside the individual stages prevents dust contamination even in the presence of dirt at the bottom of the tunnel. The counter-current airflow concerning the movement of the hides ensures excellent distribution uniformity.

The entire production line is controlled by our innovative software that simplifies a system with thousands of variables that make it accessible to any operator. Thanks to the new iconographic interface able to simplify and facilitate control in a multicultural environment.

With the new software, all devices are incorporated into one control.

The creation and management of processing recipes through our software are easy to use. During processing, all processing data is automatically log-in without any operator intervention. The history is available for company supervision with data exchange through databases SQL compatible with 4.0 systems.

The software is provided with on-line help with documentation, operating manuals, and wiring diagrams that can be easily consulted by the operator panel.

The NER tunnel is also available in the Hybrid version in which drying takes place by a combination of hot air and IR radiation. This solution is appreciated in conditions of limited space or for those looking for high working speeds. The Erretre drying tunnel was created to facilitate the work of operators, ensuring more homogeneous and uniform drying, and reducing working times.


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