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Black Line milling drums: quality and uniformity

World Leather article | February/March 2024

Black Line milling drums: quality and uniformity

Recently, the specialised magazine World Leather published an article that explores Erretre's Black Line drums in detail. 

The article highlights several key aspects:

  • the details of the Black Line Paca and High models, with particular attention to the loading and unloading systems

  • the mechanical and sensor innovations of the drums

  • the user-friendliness and accuracy of the customised drums management software

  • Erretre's approach to Black Line drum design, focusing on efficiency, precision and sustainability

  • the accuracy in controlling the leather moisture and relative air humidity, temperature and mechanical movement of the hides in relation to the amount of load.

Control of these aspects is crucial to ensure consistent, high quality processing results.

For more details, see the full article on the World Leather website or click below.

Download PDF • 1.80MB


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