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Reduced consumption and high performance for the most advanced of Erretre milling machines. Choose innovation.

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New generation of milling drums

"We have carried out research, tests and experiments of all types and on all types of leathers, because for us it is not a question of launching some new machine, but of providing new tools to revolutionize and simplify the tanning process"



Erretre is committed every day to represent the maximum of innovation in the design of machines and systems for the tanning sector (drums, spray booths and drying tunnels) through the introduction of solutions capable of making the most of the raw material treated in the phase of finishing and finishing, facilitating and speeding up the production process.


Milling drums

Our strength has always been the result of commitment and continuous research. Leather processing has a new standard.

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Spray finishing booths

Finishing lines, carousels and drying tunnels. Our booths will allow you to make your products at the highest quality without compromise.

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Line of drums

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Reduced consumption and high performance, the maximum of technological innovation and quality.

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Spray booth


No compromise, Ecotan is the booth suitable for all types of guns and applications.



Drying and crosslinking tunnel

Guarantees drying of the leathers without thermal shock

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