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“We've done research, trials and experiments 

of all kinds on the widest possible range of leathers, 

because our mission isn't to just offer new machines,  

but rather to provide new tools 

that simplify and remodel the tanning process”


– A.G. –


Erretre is committed every day to representing the maximum innovation  in the design of machines and systems for the tanning sector (milling drums, spray booths and drying tunnels)  through the introduction of solutions than can make the most of the raw material treated in the wet-end and finishing phases, facilitating and speeding up the production process.



years experience and

continuous research

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we are working with


Erretre is present in over 80 countries worldwide. It works and collaborates with small and large tanneries that use all types of leather (cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and exotic skins such as reptiles, ostriches, etc.) for the production of items for all use such as footwear, automotive, leather goods and accessories, clothing, furniture and special applications. From small to large companies: with a range of more than 20 models of milling drums, Erretre's commitment is aimed at finding a solutions tailored to the customer's needs, assisting him in identifying the machinery throught the use of its own R&D laboratory formed by qualified technicians certified at national and international levels.

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