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PACA is the fully CE certified auto-unloading version of the classic Erretre milling drum, and comes with the LCIS system.
It offers the Chemical Milling® technology and the ability to operate with fabrics and synthetic materials in addition to leather.


This is the automatic unloading version of the classic Erretre milling drum, fully CE certificated.

The automatic unloading allows smooth and fast work, the machine is equipped with an automatic door and speed variation for process or unloading.

During the unloading phase the drum keeps rotating and no operators are required for the extraction of the hides as they are collected by a manifold placed on the back of the machine and transported to the front by a conveyor belt to be easily placed on a table or a stand. The constant rotation of the drum prevents the formation of folds and knots and makes the unloading operation easier and more controlled.

The doors' automation makes it possible to implement several loading solutions according to the environment where the machine is installed. From the traditional shelter, to more elaborate mezzanines or automatic systems with loading conveyors, it is possible to save space hides storage to the point of eliminating the footprint of the machine itself.

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