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Milling Drums

Our strength since the beginning,
the result of continuous research and commitment

Dry milling is part of finishing, one of the most complex phases of the tanning process, its purpose is to improve the leather's softness, giving it a more accurate grain pattern. This happens through the action of shaking and mechanical stress in an environment with controlled temperature and humidity.
During this phase of the process it is possible to apply chemical products (Chemical Milling®) to obtain leather with specific technical or fashion effects.

Black Line
Black Line Cold Milling ®


Erretre drums are provided with efficient dedusters for dust collection and suppression

Tanning today, as in prehistoric time, turns the waste of the dominant part of the food industry into a useful and durable product, suitable for the production of countless objects.
This entire process, already ecological in terms of circular economy, waste management and recovery, needs to be controlled and managed to minimize environmental pollution. The main consequence of the tanning process during the finishing phase is the release into the air of dust particles and volatile substances (aerosols), residues of the leather treatment and the usage of chemical additives.
Erretre has always put environmental importance first and is constantly at work to improve the air purification and increase its capacity on all machines, from drums to spray lines up to drying tunnels, with the capability to develop the most adeguate projects for the scope, place and purpose of use, in order to further increase their effectiveness.



Technology for the application of a range of solvent-free chemical products developed in collaboration with a leading chemical company to modify the characteristics of the leather directly during the milling process rather than by spraying.

Chemical Milling® is a registered trademark adopted by Erretre to allow the use of finishing chemical products without detrimental side effects on the machinery itself or on the skin, while avoiding any dispersion of the same in the environment.
Covered by several patents, both in mechanical construction and in the application process, it represents a triple advantage as it ensures great production flexibility, consistent results, respect for the people and the environment.


Those who choose Erretre know they can count on drums built to have a particular and careful attention in working and treating the leather. Thanks to the Erretre accessories it is possible to exploit the full potential of our machines, increasing their efficiency, the ease of maintenance and cleaning and broaden their usage with the optimal injection of chemical products.


(Chemical Dosing Unit)

Stainless steel tank for dosing chemical products with the patented method: Chemical Milling®

 "TOP" option 

Self-cleaning plastic profiles
Designed to help keeping the inside of the drum clean even at high level of humidity

Double Heating Unit
Greatly reduces both pre-heating and drying time

Double Injection Technology

It optimizes the dispersion of the chemical products and allows to have separate circuits for the injection of water and products.


It is currently possible to install a humidification unit with compressed air integrated in the drum, or an external pre-humidification unit to replace our traditional airless system with variable flow nozzles.


A stand-alone refrigeration unit very useful for machines operating in tropical climate where, due to high humidity

and temperature it is not possible to fully remain within the parameters suitable for optimal milling.


Exceptional technology and attention to customer needs are combined in a new concept of tannery. The Erretre automation ensures superior efficiency with high quality results, and optimal process organization of leather treatments.
Seize full control of work processes and your production.