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It’s our mini milling drum that perfectly mimics full scale production. It is particularly useful in the laboratory or in small production batches where you need maximum versatility and flexibility.
AMBRA’s unique functional and constructive design ensures that results from an AMBRA drum are consistent with one of Erretre’ s full-scale production drums.
AMBRA’s command interface hosts the Local Computer Interface System (LCIS) that provides a simple, clean user experience even for the most complex processes.
It is designed to be linked with, and to communicate with, our M.O.RE.  (Milling Organizational Resources) software system. AMBRA is made with only the highest grade components.
It is equipped with an automatic and programmable internal self-cleaning system to avoid contaminations and process interruptions.
This machine combines the latest advances in milling drum technology, including the drying and conditioning process inside the drum.
It is suitable for our Chemical Milling® technology, as well as for use with textiles and synthetic materials.




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