More than 40 years of experience,

continuous research and passion


Our history

Founded in 1974 as a technical office, Erretre's goal has always been to realize new ideas and devolop knowledge (chemical, mechanical and technical) for leather processing in one of the largest and most important tanning districts in Italy and in the the world.

Since the early years, Erretre focuses its attention on the final stages of the tanning process: Drying and Finishing. Thus is how the design and construction of milling drums, spray booths and drying tunnels has began. It will be constantly renewed and updated in accordance with the researches carried out and the new experience acquired. In this way it builds products with high quality standards: efficient machines, innovative in their essence, reliable over time and easy to maintain.

Experience and continuous innovation

Thanks to constant research Chemical Milling® is born: a technology for leather finishing with controlled injection of chemical products directly in the milling drum.

Pioneering in its vision of the tanning sector and in the researches carried out, already in 1984, in collaboration with the University of Occupational Medicine of Padua, Erretre developed  new systems for aerosol treatments in order to control the powders formed during the pigmentation phase of the hides, leading to the birth of  innovative methods of spraying and fumes abatement, anticipating by 10 years the regulations in force. 

More than one hundred internationally active patents confirm the originality of Erretre's technical solutions.

Today, years after its birth, the same passion and curiosity continues to push the research in various directions and supports and strengthens its position as a leader in the sector.

since 1974


“In every project we face, we are committed to transmitting our experience, our competence and, above all, our passion. 

We dare to always offer the best”.

  • Automation

    for a complete control

    The leather finishing process has a decisive influence on the final appearance of the products and, consequently, on their commercial success. Our aim is to provide the customer with increasingly precise tools, to allow them complete control over the process and at the same time simplify it, maximizing human analytical capacity. Moreover, the automatic collection and compilation of data allows a faster understanding and optimization of the work, making the analysis intuitive and effective.

  • Innovation

    evaluate the acquired results from every perspective to aim at new goals

    Innovation is a path to the future that leads us to question the best we have done so far, opening up to new technological solutions and applying them to the experiences gained. Each of our machines is the result of an innovation that we will be glad to show you.

  • Value

    quality and high resistance

    The quality of construction materials, the high technology, the innovation, the environmental aspect and energy saving have always been key elements of our company. Everything is possible thanks to a heterogeneous and complete team of expert designers and software technicians, competent assemblers and skilled welders.

  • Guarantee

    the tranquillity of constant and repeatable results

    The knowledge of leather technology and all the elements related to its production allow Erretre to develop extremely reliable and renowned machines in the tanning world. Given the fickleness of the raw material, one of the major ambitions in the industrial field is to achieve consistency in the results of the processed leather. Every day we push our entire design towards this direction, to guarantee you the best results.

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