Advanced chemical milling technology

Erretre, the Italy based global leaders in the manufacture of milling drum and automation technologies for the tanning industry, highlighted its latest Milling drum at the Simac Tanning Tech exhibition in Milan, February 21-23.

The latest milling drum is the most technically advanced in the market and can be used in the tannery for dry milling and upgrading leathers, with continuous temperature and humidity control with chemical injection. The fully safety guarded drum also features Erretre’s PACA 3000 unloading conveyor which has been built to EC standards. PACA allows for a quicker and safer unloading of the leathers after the milling operation, and the drum is installed with slower automatic drum unloading controls.

The company has collaborated in a partnership project with the chemicals specialist Chemical Milling Spa. The use of chemicals to create special bespoke leather articles and creative effects is critical in a modern tannery. In this respect, Chemical Milling has provided

Erretre’s most advanced ever milling drum

the chemical technology expertise and know-how that compliments the mechanical action of the milling process provided by Erretre.

Erretre has also identified other major value-added benefits for tanners using the new milling technology as they will also be able to test chemicals for customers, as well as certify and guarantee that the products that are used are safe; giving the best possible results to the final leathers.

The model displayed in Milan included

Erretre’s fully computerised local automation with PLC and 10” colour touch screen panel (LCIS). Up to 5,000 recipes can be stored with all the operating parameters saved and stored, offering complete control of temperature, humidity and chemical injection during the process. The milling drum is also fitted with an amazingly user-friendly touch screen for easy visual graphic controls, and is fully optimised for a LAN connection to be linked to a host PC.