Innovation, passion, research and development in leather processing. We have been creating cutting-edge machines that redefine and revolutionize the tanning processes of transformation and treatment of the leather, since 1974.

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Tannery Innovation

Innovators from birth


Our mission is to innovate tanning processes by applying the latest technologies and know-how cultivated in the company's over 40 years of experience.

Innovation as a driving force for a vision, for an evolution: the demonstration that the procedures we are used to can evolve and improve to optimize processes, increase their quality and reduce waste.

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Research & Development

We are always looking for new technologies

Erretre's Research and Development section is the beating heart of the entire design process. Since the birth of the company we have always distinguished ourselves in the research to develop and improve the processes of the tanning sector. The first major collaboration dates back to 1984 with the University of Occupational Medicine of Padua with the development of new aerosol treatment systems for the management of the powders that are formed during the pigmentation phase of the skins.

This was followed by other studies and research that have led us to have over one hundred patents active at international level. Technological progress cannot take place without a dedicated and passionate study and analysis of the subject.

Knowledge, research, development and passion to evolve tanning and bring it into the future.


Ecotan Elité

Same spraying arc as the rotary press with overall dimensions, guns and reduced consumption . Change your point of view. Discover our latest innovation.

Milling at low temperature

Cold Milling

Reduced consumption and high performance for the most advanced of Erretre milling machines.

Choose the future.


Foresta dall'alto

The only way is a sustainable future

Our commitment to research and development has brought to light the evident connections between waste and improvement of the production process. We have always tried to create products that, in addition to improving the good that already existed, were able to reduce the production of pollutants and the waste of products, which have always been the main problem of our industry.

We create and approach the creation of new products by carefully thinking about this aspect: reducing the environmental impact towards an increasingly sustainable future. Quality of materials, waste reduction, process optimization to guarantee a continuous workflow, are fundamental and now essential elements for the development of new innovative technologies.

This sustainability is also reflected in our daily life as we ourselves work in an environment defined as "Pure Air Zone" where contaminants are considerably reduced and the air in circulation is extremely clean.




Thanks to the evolution of the integrated abatement system, Ecotan ensures a clean working environment with extremely low emissions into the atmosphere.

Reduce emissions

Drying tunnel

The NER drying tunnel has been designed to guarantee thermal shock-free drying of leathers.



Evaluate the results acquired from every perspective to aim for new goals

A pioneering vision in the field of leather processing is essential to be able to produce something truly innovative. So when we talk about research we are not referring only to machines but to the approach with which we confront problems. This is the engine that drives us every day, the one that leads us to improve.

What's the problem? How can I improve this process? We are the first to ask ourselves how to solve the problems we face by applying our know-how.

Doing research is a journey towards the future that pushes us to question the best we have done so far, opening up to new technological solutions and applying them to the experiences acquired. Each of our machines is the result of an innovation that we will be happy to show you.



Project Pure Air

Our concrete commitment to a sustainable future thanks to U-Earth.

Project Legacy

Stories and travels of entrepreneurs who have made leather their reason for living.